An interactive museum

This project examines how Experience Economy together with a playful angle, can improve the Sculpture Park at Louisiana
Museum of Modern Art, by using technology.

Technology is an opportunity to improve the experience for the visitors, in the context of the museum. Museums need to accommodate the rapid development of technology in the interplay between the visitor’s need and the values of the museum.
The technological solution that already is available in the park, is an audio guide, which does not fulfill the possibilities and values of the park, that we have found through our research.

The methods used is Co-design and Contextual Inquiry, since these are useful in the progress of finding the values and possibilities through the eyes of experts as well as potential users. Throughout our analysis we have used the Design Game: KJ Method, to link our findings from our research together.

The outcome is three playful and interactive concepts, which will improve the visitor’s experience of the Sculpture Park. These concepts contradict with the traditional experience of a museum and will give the visitor a new approach to art while creating an inviting and engaging environment, with the use of technology.