Drawing to Explain

I have done illustrative films about events combining the creativity and explanatory process of drawing. The first film is made for the jewelry company Trollbeads A/S, to introduces creative souls to participate in People’s Bead. People’s Bead is an annual event, where everybody is invited to design a bead. The winner(s) design(s) is produced and becomes a part of the Trollbeads collection.

The second film is made for Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which introduces teachers and children to “Vores Værk” (Our Work). Louisiana Learning invites children to interpret a specific piece of art and make it their own.

While we are in this film mood, I would like to take the opportunity and show two other films i’ve made for Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to promote their courses in “Kunstdage” and Louisiana-led sessions for school kids.



And last but not least i cut and combined the descriptive film behind creating glassbeads for Trollbeads A/S