MAB12 challenge

I was part of the group M:A:I:A – 4 students from IT University of Copenhagen and 1 from Technical University of Denmark competing in the MAB12 students challenge.
We made a Tumblr that shows our process and created the concept Konstrukt, explained below.

Case: The fences surrounding the construction sites for the new metro in Copenhagen.

The metro company states that “The fences are used for art and other stuff which creates a pleasant urban space”.

We had a hypothesis that the fences create a negative space/have a negative influence on the local environment.

During ethnographic observations, it was clear to us that in some places the fence inhibits use of the urban space. They rise loomingly into the sky and keep the sunlight from reaching the street.

In the places where the fences are actually working as a part of the urban space, there is little to no attention from passers-by.

What lacks is the interaction between the fence and the public/people inhabiting the area.

Our vision takes inspiration from the organic and impermanent; sunlight, mist, frost and fog. In our vision, people can use their bodies and their smartphones to interact with the fences, making light graffiti via near field communication. In this way, people can interact with the walls, leave their mark and light up the street. When people wipe the mist away, they can look right into a neighborhood that is likewise affected by the construction wall. These two sides can see each other – but act fast! The window will mist up again quickly.

Over a short period of time, the light dims and finally decays to make room for other artworks.

Another point in our concept is that people living around the areas and putting up with these invasive installations share that exact experience. So when you stand in front of the fence, you can wipe it with your hand, as you would a misted up mirror, thereby catching a glimpse of – and a chance to interact with – other inhabitants affected by the construction sites.