Designing for Elders

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the process that our group went through in order to produce a design that could strengthen and maintain social interaction between the elderly.

We have observed our target group from an anthropological perspective, to obtain an understanding of their social needs. Using various idea generating methods, and in light of our field research, we slowly narrowed down on a specific design.

The warm coziness coming from silent interactions and the fact that alone time is indeed enjoyable. These two observations are essential for the direction of our design.

Combining methods, observations and our vision, we designed a book, capable of creating and sharing everything from recipes to old memories. This paper describes our journey from vision to specifications, leading to the final design.

The finale paper.

Visuale Material:

To illustrate Mrs Nielsen’s day, we created a poster showing a graph, texts, illustrations, pictures and videos of her explaining her day. To see the videos play in the PDF

In our presentation we had our informant present the design, while we explained the funktions. As you can see here: